First Aid Friends programme for children

First Aid Friends

An innovative and flexible first aid programme for children

First Aid Friends

The First Aid Friends Programme has been written and developed by Emma Gaskell & Sarah Moses, owners of Discovery Training (Yorkshire) Ltd.

Emma and Sarah have extensive knowledge in Education, Teaching and First Aid. They also have ‘hands on’ experience of being parents to children of primary school age.

Together Emma and Sarah have amalgamated their knowledge, skills and life experiences to develop an innovative programme of teaching First Aid to children.

“We believe that all parents and those who care for children should have some first aid knowledge. Whilst we acknowledge that parents do take precautions to prevent injuries to their children and others, for example, making sure seat belts are worn when travelling in cars and helmets are worn when riding bikes, we feel that they should also be prepared for any eventuality or emergency that may suddenly arise whether this be with their own children or others and despite all good intentions accidents do happen!”   Emma Gaskell

“Quite often accidents happen at home to parents or other family members and children have no option but to help. If they’ve never had a discussion about when to call for emergency services, or what help they can offer themselves, then it can be a frightening time for them. The First Aid Friends programme will give children the skills, knowledge and confidence to help in these situations. We have been able to work with children whilst writing this resource pack and we are confident that they have had a wonderful experience and gained skills for life” Sarah Moses

Our Ethos

We have a real passion for learning and strongly believe that all children from a young age should be taught first aid.

Schools can provide a perfect opportunity to teach children the basics of first aid in a fun and informative way, preparing them for the future and allowing them to help themselves and others if an accident or emergency arises.

Children from a young age have a natural inquisitive mind, are eager to learn new skills and have the capacity to take on board new information, therefore we strongly believe that if they are taught the basics of first aid when they are young then those skills will remain with them forever.

We recognise that many schools cover the topic of ‘first aid’ in a range of different ways but we feel that there is a requirement for a more detailed and robust first aid programme that is stimulating, inspiring, empowering and enjoyable.

Stimulated, Inspired and Empowered!

Through taking part in the First Aid Friends Programme, children are:

Stimulated: They are motivated and invigorated and have a positive and confident approach to first aid for themselves and others.

Inspired: They are taught the basics of first aid through an innovative and interactive programme of fun and enjoyment where they think creatively and explore.

Empowered: They are provided with the skills and knowledge to make a difference and help themselves and others.

The First Aid Friends Programme for SchoolsFelixfulfig-001LoRes

The First Aid Friends Programme is a carefully planned developmental opportunity of learning through which children acquire knowledge and life skills in First Aid.

The programme is innovative, rich, interactive and exciting.

Its aim is to provide teachers and school staff with up to date knowledge, skills and confidence to plan a comprehensive and informative first aid programme for children that can be delivered flexibly in a variety of ways (including a series of short sessions, workshops and activities) and includes a mixture of theoretical and practical elements.

The programme focusses on three main elements:

  • Keeping safe (themselves and others) by identifying risks, dangers and hazards in a range of different situations
  • Developing life skills through the teaching of basic first aid
  • Building confidence, resilience and positive self esteem

The programme also equips children with the skills and strategies to live a safe life and apply their learning to real life experiences.

The programme is aimed at children across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and supports a variety of learners including those whose attainment is significantly above the expected standard and those who have low levels of prior attainment.

It links with the Statutory National Curriculum Framework and is underpinned by clear outcomes for learning, offering a broad and balanced cross-curricular resource for development and achievement.

Linking directly with the National Curriculum Core subject areas, foundation subjects and additional curriculum areas.

pack_product_thumbThe School Resource Pack

The resource folder includes a detailed scheme of work, a number of interactive session plans which focus on different aspects of first aid, teaching resources, practical activities and a number of delivery presentations. All of which can be adapted, modified and expanded to include additional areas for learning.

The resource pack also includes a supporting children’s story book which contains both fictional and non-fictional elements.

multipack_books_product_thumbThe Story Book

The book has been carefully written and beautifully illustrated and tells a wonderful story of Felix and Flip (First Aid Friends) who use their first aid knowledge and skills to help others.

About the story: Felix and Flip embark on an adventure through the jungle to get to a birthday party. However, along the way come across some of their friends (these are well known jungle animals) who have sadly been hurt in accidents and are in need of first aid help. Luckily Felix the First Aid Frog knows what to do and provides effective first aid treatment to his friends and ensures that everyone is safe. He shares his knowledge of first aid with the readers to teach them first aid and because of his ‘fantastic’ first aid help all the animals make it to the party safely.

The book includes 2 elements:

  • A story of adventure
  • A factual overview section that provides first aid knowledge and guidance and allows children to consolidate their learning and understanding.

Together the story book and the supporting resource pack will provide a rich and varied but also enjoyable approach to teaching first aid.


We are offering workshop style training sessions for those who will be responsible for delivering the programme to children. The training session will allow teachers, practitioners, assistants and volunteers to learn about the programme and explore the resources and activities. It will also enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in first aid and confidence to deliver first aid sessions to others.

Our next training session is taking place on Thursday 11th June 9.30 – 12.30 at our Barnsley Training Room.

For further information about the programme or the training sessions please contact us.

First Aid is Fantastic and Fun! It is easy to learn and hard to forget!

Below are some images children participating and enjoying the First Aid Friends programme that is delivered in Schools for Children aged 5 – 11 years

Children enjoying session 3 of the programme aged 7 and 8 Years (KS2) practically bandaging minor cuts and wounds





115346Children enjoying session 3 of the programme – A bandage demonstration with an older child (KS3) showing how to treat a wound with an embedded object or a serious injury






112409Children enjoying session 5 of the programme – Practical teaching of the ‘Recovery Position’ – A simple but effective life saving technique






110426An additional first aid session from our First Aid Friends programme. Learning how to help someone who is choking (this could be a friend or family member)









105441Teaching children the vital skills of lifesaving and CPR in a fun and informative way!

Teaching the correct techniques and sequences to provide children with the confidence, knowledge and skills to help someone with a life threatening injury, illness or condition and even save a life!  Children practice on baby, child and adult manikins depending on their age and abilities.


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