First Aid Friends programme for children

About ‘Discovery Training’

About ‘Discovery Training’

Welcome to Discovery Training, a Yorkshire based high quality training company specialising in the delivery of first aid for industries, businesses, schools and the general public.

Discovery is a HSE (Health and Safety Executive) compliant company, we associated trainers of KFA Medical Ltd and are therefore accredited with the FOFATO (Federation of First Aid Training Organisations) and approved by the FAIB (First Aid Industry Body) and the (QCC) Quality Care Commission.

We offer all of the  HSE compliant accredited first aid courses and regulated qualifications for the workplace, including the OFSTED required paediatric course as well as bespoke courses for families, individuals and children. We are also an approved first aid provider for local authorities.

Each course is carefully designed to meet the individual training needs of the company, organisation, School or Setting and all of our courses are delivered by dedicated, passionate and professional trainers with a relaxed and informal approach, providing you with a high quality training experience that is also enjoyable.

We offer a number of course options that allow the training to fit with your schedules including weekend and evening courses.

Our courses offer a perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical scenarios and activities to develop first aid skills and practical confidence. We offer an excellent manikin ratio and provide quality training materials that accompany and support every course.

Our latest development…

Felix_fulfig-005LoResFirst Aid Friends

A carefully planned interactive and exciting programme of learning for children aged 5 – 11 year. The programme is stimulating and inspiring and children will acquire skills and knowledge in first aid as well as feel empowered to help themselves and others.

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We are delivering some training workshops for teachers, teaching assistants, practitioners and volunteers to enable them to learn about the programme, explore the resources and activities and sessions. It will also develop skills and knowledge in first aid and the confidence to deliver the programme to others.

Our next training date is Thursday 11th June 9.30 – 12.30 at our Barnsley Training Room.

Please contact us for further information about the programme or the training sessions

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