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Resource Pack for Schools

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The First Aid Friends Programme is a carefully planned developmental opportunity of learning through which children acquire knowledge and life skills in First Aid. It is innovative, rich, interactive and exciting.

The programme is supplied through a comprehensive resource folder:

The resource folder includes a detailed scheme of work, a number of interactive session plans which focus on different aspects of first aid, teaching resources, practical activities and a number of delivery presentations. All of which can be adapted, modified and expanded to include additional areas for learning.

The resource pack also includes a school pack of 10 children’s story books which contains both fictional and non-fictional elements.

The pack provides teachers and school staff with up to date knowledge, skills and confidence to plan a comprehensive and informative first aid programme for children that can be delivered flexibly in a variety of ways (including a series of short sessions, workshops and activities) and includes a mixture of theoretical and practical elements. It is aimed at children across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and supports a variety of learners including those whose attainment is significantly above the expected standard and those who have low levels of prior attainment.

It also links directly with the Statutory National Curriculum Framework and is underpinned by clear outcomes for learning, offering a broad and balanced cross-curricular resource for development and achievement.

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